Thursday, December 3, 2009

A few more images

I have a few more images from the same model as the previous post. Her OMP page is linked here, her professional moniker is Natalie Rose. My OMP portofolio can be found linked here. My MM porfolio can be found linked here.

The first image is my attempt at a prone headshot. As this was shot late in the afternoon, the shadows are quite strong in the image. I'm thankful to Natalie for this image because I now know how to shoot the next one better.

The second image I am more frustrated with myself about. There were companion images where Natalie had even better poses and expressions, but I failed to capture them properly as I was holding the camera with the wrong hand, while my arms were crossed and my other hand was holding a light reflector to shine the sunlight coming from behind the model back up under her face. I'm still pondering the better alternatives I had to get that shot. Next time I think I'll use a remote trigger release.

At the moment, I'm also pondering what to do about the website. I've just renewed the domain name and the host for another year, but I don't have time in the next month to actually take the old site down, update it, and reupload it. I'm dissatisfied with the current web design, but my few hours of free time I'm trying to invest in actual photoshoots, so I am at a quandary as to what to do.