Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Agora II Images added

More images have been added to the Agora II Photogallery. As of yet, I still haven’t fixed the comment feature problems I'm having. I keep trying, so I can get viewer responses added into the gallery. I've added several images from just before and during the Sleep section of several different shows. I reduced the image size and added filter effects to soften/haze the image to increase the difficulty in identifying specific individuals, since I know some of the performers did not want their images displayed on the internet. Hopefully they appreciate the methods I took to protect their identities; there is nothing left more identifiable than what could be picked up by walking past them on the street or at a beach.

Click to go the entrance page for Dae's Agora II Photogallery.

Within the next five days or so, I hope to add more images to the Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanical Garden Galleries. I’m also working on a new article for the General Writing Section, that I hope I can finish by the middle of June. Sometime next week I’ll upload 1 or 2 short fiction stories I have had for several years but haven’t looked at in a while. After a quick editorial review they should be ready for the website.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Information Actor Paradigm

The first part of the Information Actor Paradigm article has been posted in the General Writings Section. Further sections will be added over the course over the next two weeks. The current version of the article is a culmination of over a years worth of academic work. Destined to form a unifying theory of psychology, the IA paradigm still has more work to be done before complete.

Over the next month or so, I anticipate adding other academic articles and several essays that haven't yet been put up. Additionally, there are images still to be added to several of the galleries.