Monday, November 23, 2009

Profile Headshot

What constitutes the difference between photoshop art, a photoshopped image, and a true image?

I often wonder just how much editing can be done to an image before it is no longer an accurate representation of the photographer's vision, but becomes an art project.

In terms of the above image, I new when I took the photograph I would want to alter the background. But it wasn't until several weeks later when I discovered what I wanted the background to be. At that point, it really relied on whether or not I was talented enough to make the photograph conform to the vision I had in my head. It is frustrating--as an artist--when your vision exceeds your ability.

OMP Account Up

I've started an OMP account. Actually I started it almost 3 months ago. I'm hoping through the account I can drum up some more photoshoot opportunities.

I'm hoping my ModelMayhem account will be approved shortly.

No news to report on the novel front. There should be more info about that after the Christmas holiday.