Saturday, September 6, 2008

Novel Outline Almost Complete

Quick update.

While I've neglected the website and the blog for several months, other projects have been progressing forward. I have nearly completed my outline for the Batman: Beginnings novel I am currently writing. I have only one day left to outline. While I've already started writing, and am currently through ~65% of the first draft, having a firm endpoint in the outline makes the process of actually writing my way to that point less daunting.

Reaching this stage in the novel creation process is also invigorating because it provides energy to focus on some of the other novel ideas I have. Once I'm done writing--hopefully by Oct./Nov.--I can move onto finishing the plot outline for the Superman/Wonderwoman novel I'm planning. Since the novel's timeline occurs near immediately after Batman: Beginnings ends, I want to get cracking on it. The time is quickly coming when I will need to go back and begin the laborious process of retooling Appearance of the Ninja: my first novella. It has been almost 7 years since I finished writing it and set it aside. I may now be able to be more objective and critique & improve on what was put on the page.

In the next 13 days or so, I should have a few new photos up on the blog. I recently purchased an IR lens filter and have begun experimenting with taking near-infrared photographs. Without having formal training in IR photography, there is a steep learning curve that needs to be conquered before I become proficient at this style of photography, but I believe the challenges are worth it.